Post Bankruptcy Car Loans

Have you applied for chapter 13 bankruptcy in the past? Or have you been discharged from chapter 7 bankruptcy recently? You can still buy a car. will help you get an auto loan during your stressful time. Apply now and get ready to buy your favorite car after bankruptcy and that too, at the best interest rates.

Buying a car is a stressful experience because it involves researching your favorite car and then, searching for auto financing. But it can be petrifying if you have been through bankruptcy in the recent past. A car buyer may feel awkward in going to the bank for an auto loan after bankruptcy. But there is hope. will help you buy a car.

The company understands that a car is a requirement for reaching your place of work on time. It is required to help you get back on your feet after bankruptcy. The company has helped several Americans in buying a car despite them being in terrible financial conditions.

Do not worry if you have been through a terrifying Chapter 13 bankruptcy or the harrowing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. believes that a bankruptcy situation is not the very essence of your credit report. It looks beyond bankruptcy. Bad credit history is okay. If your current financial situation can assume the responsibility of an auto loan, the company will provide you with a loan after bankruptcy. You can get approved if you earn a decent income and can manage making regular payments.

Also, understands that not all bankruptcies are filed because of bad financial decisions. Some may stem from events such as job loss, critical illness, death of a family member, etc. So, do not worry if you have a special situation, the company will take care of your loan needs efficiently.

How to get a Car Loan after Bankruptcy?

A chapter 7 bankruptcy remains on your credit report for a decade whereas as a chapter 13 bankruptcy is visible on your report for 7 years. But it doesn't mean you have to put off your car buying plans. You can ensure easy loan approval in the following ways:

  • In order to reduce the total interest amount and the loan amount, save money for making a down payment.
  • Curtail expenses in order to accommodate a possibly higher interest rate on car loans after bankruptcy.
  • Find someone with a good credit score to become your cosigner and add credibility to your loan application.
  • Opt for a less expensive car because choosing a luxurious car model may be frowned upon by the lender.

How Long should Wait after Discharging Bankruptcy?

As you know that bankruptcy puts you in the risky car buyer category, experts suggest that you need to refrain from applying for car loan immediately after coming out of bankruptcy. If you wait for a couple of months, you will be able to get better interest rates and a better loan deal.

However, it is not necessary to stick to the rules. If you need a car now, you need it now! Start by checking your credit score. If you are on the lower side of the credit score scale, prepare yourself to add a significant amount as a down payment. Apply on our website and discuss your requirements as and when our loan representative contacts you with a loan quote.

Can I apply for an Auto Loan with Open Bankruptcy?

Once you have filed for bankruptcy, applying for a car loan becomes difficult. If you have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will have to seek permission from your trustee before applying for the loan. In case of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will have to complete the procedure of the 341 meeting and then apply for the loan.

Ideally, it is advisable to wait for the bankruptcy to get over in order to avoid legal complications. If you are in urgent need of a car, ask your partner/parents to apply for the loan and buy a car. You can add yourself as a driver to the car insurance policy and use the vehicle.

Over the past several years, has been a pillar of strength for car buyers with past bankruptcy. If you want to become an owner of a car, you must apply now for post bankruptcy car loans and get ready to bring home the much needed mode of transportation.

Financing Tips

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Post Bankruptcy Car Loans: How to buy a Car after Discharging Bankruptcy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry if you want a car loan during your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. One way to get a loan is to seek permission from your trustee and apply online. If your credit score has taken a severe hit, you can ask your parents, partners or children to apply for a car loan in their name. You can then register as a driver for the vehicle and keep using the car. Once you discharge the bankruptcy, you will have better auto financing options.
Your information is required so that the company can know your car loan requirements and provide a suitable deal. Don't worry about the information that you share on the website because it will remain safe and confidential. The company uses advanced SSL technology to protect your information. You can go through the privacy policy of the company and learn how your information is used to provide you an auto loan program.