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Is it Wise to Buy a Demo Car?

Buying a Demo Car

Is it Wise to Buy a Demo Car?

Buying an automobile is a long and baffling process. You walk into the nearest dealership with a certain expectation. A set budget, the make and model are the factors that define your choice. The decision between a brand-new car and the one that is easy on the wallet is often challenging. However, there is an alternative option of purchasing a demo car that saves money and provides you with a comparatively new vehicle at the same time.

What exactly is a Demo Car?

Usually, a demonstrator car or a demo car is an automobile that is used for demonstrative purposes such as test drive by the dealer or the staff members of the dealership lot. Many a times, the salespeople use it for travelling to work. It is unregistered, untitled and originates from the dealership’s own inventory. Hence, a demo car is classified as a new car in the eyes of the dealer.

How can a Demo Car be Beneficial for You?

1) New at Cheaper Price

The claim that a demo car is new stems from the fact that it is unsold. The value you get against the money you spend on a demo car is far greater as compared to a used car. Additionally, it has fewer miles on the odometer as against a used car. And, it ensures increased reliability and better performance.

2) Moderately Maintained

It is often used by potential customers to test drive. A first-hand feel of the car helps to convert the prospective client into a definitive buyer. Thus, the dealers make sure that the automobile is moderately maintained as it imprints a first impression of the car’s features in the mind of the customer.

How to ensure a Perfect Demo Car Purchase?

1) Vehicle History Report

Internal damages can be discovered with the help of a vehicle report. Make sure you ask for a vehicle report; discuss the condition of the car with the salesperson and get your demo car checked by an ASE authorized mechanic.

2) Payout & Deduction

Usually, there is no set rule for buying a demo car. However, an ideal ratio is to deduct 15 to 20 cents per mile driven. In cases of expensive demo cars, the cents deducted per mile will increase as high-end vehicles have greater depreciation costs.

3) Incentives & Rebates

As the demo car is considered to be new, it can be qualified for a rebate. Some manufacturers may pose limitations on the qualification of rebates against miles driven. However, make it a point to negotiate the price and make the most of the available incentives.

Few people are aware of the existence of demo car and even fewer of the benefits one can gains from its purchase. The next time you see the car of your dreams on the dealership lot and wonder if it is for sale, do not worry. Ask for the demo car and make sure to go through the above pointers to make the most of your purchase.

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:- Posted by Admin on 12th November, 2018