Dealership Financing:

Get Ready for the Best Auto Loan Deal

Dealership Financing – Get Ready for the Best Auto Loan Deal

It's "Dealership Financing" and not the Devil's Workshop. Many people detest dealership financing because of stories related to dealership scams. But, it's one of the easiest ways of getting a car loan. The best thing about a dealership is that you get your car and car loan at the same place. You can certainly get better deals from a dealer if you are prepared for the car financing process. This article will help you prepare for a car loan from an auto dealership.


It is very important to know your credit score before going to the dealer. You must have heard about scams related to credit scores. But, if you know your accurate credit score, no dealer will be able to offer you higher rates under the pretext of bad credit scores.


When you go to a dealership to select the car, test-drive is a must. You must check the Odometer for miles. Don’t buy a car with more than 80,000 miles because it won't last long. Also, ask your trusted mechanic to inspect it. It's always better to get expert opinion.

The benefit of dealership over private party auto sale is you get special offers. Many dealers offer extra warranty and cash rebates on car sales. If you are confused in choosing a car, you can select on the basis of offers.


Most car buyers pay the MSRP or the list price. But, this is where they go wrong. You don't need to pay the "Sticker Price". This is because dealer's profit is added to it. You can negotiate it and pay a lower amount.


When you are done lowering the car price, talk about finance with the dealer. The salesman will concentrate on monthly payments and talk about lowest payments. But, you must look at the big picture. Consider the total loan amount and total interest. It is quite possible that lower payments for a long term will increase the total interest amount.


After car financing has discussed, read the contract. Do not go for "spot financing". Most dealers allow you to take the car without getting you approved for a car loan. It is quite possible that the dealer is unable to find a lender for you. In such circumstances, you will have to take back the car to the dealer. So, avoid "spot financing" and take delivery of the car only when the loan contract is signed.

Being cautious is the key while working with a dealer. If you follow the tips mentioned in this article, you will certainly get the very best of auto financing.

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