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Should you obtain an Auto Loan from your Family in Boston?

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Should you obtain an Auto Loan from your Family in Boston?

Car is not an item of luxury or comfort. It is a means of necessity and essential for ensuring a safe commute. If you are buying a new car in Boston, you will realize that the car's cost forces you to obtain an auto loan. But, what if you cannot get approval for an auto loan?

If you cannot get an auto loan approval from a local bank or a lender, you have one more option - your family. Many car buyers with terrible credit score or without any established credit history choose the option to buy a car quickly.

The benefits of obtaining an auto loan from a family member are:

  • No need of credit check
  • Reduced interest rates / No interest
  • No need of down payment
  • No involvement of co-signer

The benefits of taking help from your family member may attract you to avoid applying with a lender, but here's why you should choose an auto lender for your next car.

Reason 1: The Documentation Process

Whenever you obtain a loan of any kind, it is important to finish the documentation process quickly. It protects your rights as well as ensures safety to the lender.

Auto lenders in Boston lend money to car buyers on a daily basis. They are well-versed with the documentation process. If you choose an online auto financing company to obtain an auto loan, it will finish your loan process in no time. But, if you ask for a loan from a family member, the documentation process can run into days making it difficult to buy a car at the best rates.

Reason 2: The Taxes

When you obtain an auto loan from a lender in Boston, he/she will provide you with detailed information about taxes. But, if you ask your uncle or cousin for an auto loan, there will be the following tax complications:

  • If you do not record the auto loan, it will be considered as a donation.
  • If the family member doesn't charge interest rate, IRS may consider it as a gift.
  • If you do not repay the loan, it will be considered as your income and IRS may collect tax on it.

Reason 3: The Family Problems

If you are unable to make payments to the lender, it will affect your credit score. But, it will not affect your relationship with a family member. It is one of the biggest reasons to apply with a lender.

Reason 4: Sub-Prime Loans

In the past, getting an auto loan approval with credit issues was a big problem for car buyers of Boston City. In such times, getting an auto loan from a family member was a feasible option. But, today you can obtain easy approval without worrying about your credit history. There are many online auto financing companies, operating in Boston, who have no qualms of approving an auto loan for sub-prime car buyers.

Buying a car is a big responsibility. And, if you obtain an auto loan from your family, it can put additional burden on you. So, it is wise to choose a lender and let him/her handle all the complications of the auto loan process.

There is no need to ask for an auto loan from your family if you have credit issues. is here to help you obtain bad credit auto loans in Boston. Apply now and get ready for buying the car of your choice.

:- Posted by Admin on 8th June, 2022